Hyderabad: “Bathrooms have become an important part of our lifestyle these days. People’s perceptions are changing while buying their houses. The builder fraternity too has geared up and is spending more to come up with innovatively designed bathroom spaces.

These days the clients are focusing more on better options to the dry and wet areas of the bathrooms,’”said, Chaitanya Rayapudi, director, Supra Builders, while addressing the gathering in a knowledge sharing seminar on “Changing Face of Bathrooms” held in city today at Hotel NKMs Grand, Erramanzil.

Indian Plumbing Association, Hyderabad Chapter, Vita Fresh and Concern For Twin Cities jointly organized the seminar with single objective of sharing the knowledge and latest developments 7 million people loose mobile phones in bathrooms. We visit toilets 2500 times in a year and spend three years on the toilet in our lifetime. Bathroom is the reason for argument for 70% couples are some of the amusing facts shared by the speakers who spoke on the occasion.

The speakers who spoke include Pratap Paduchuri of Vita Fresh who spoke about Vita Fresh, shower therapy and shower meditation.

Relaxed state of mind, distracted from your existing ineffective solutions and high dopamine (chemical released in the brain) levels of our brains, neuro-scientists globally have factored as the magical combination for getting creative ideas. Our sedentary lifestyles have restricted us from engaging in cardio vascular activities like swimming, jogging which creates this magical combination, while a refreshing bath in the soothing ambience of our bathroom helps create this impact, Chaitanya further added. It enlivens the Archemedies in you, who jumped out of his bath tub shouting Eureka Eureka and came out with the Archemedies principle.

Pratap Paduchuri of V’ Lour Enterprise and distributors of Veeta Fresh Shower filter one of the organizers of the seminar from South Korea said, “The uniqueness of this shower is that it comes with Vitamin C cartridge packaged in it. Soft water filters through it enriched with Vitamin C, neutralizing the chlorinated water, helping us to heal symptoms of dry skin, exzema, etching, hair fall and dandruff. Taking a Veeta Fresh shower creates good mood and lot of freshness. The best part about it is that it could be self-fitted to existing fittings without any modifications to them. “
Today water is a major issue. People are struggling hard dealing with chlorinated water. Usage of vitamin C enriched water in homes is gaining popularity worldwide, especially by the various international hotel chains. Even in India Tata homes has come up with wellness homes equipped with Vitamin induced filters as standard fittings. Vitamin C treated water will give you the feel good factor and enable you to think creatively, Pratap added.

“Earlier bathrooms were neglected spaces. Today our clients too ensure that there is a standard size allocated to it with suitable fitments from branded companies. Moving to the luxury segment the clients are giving due consideration to sensible and practical designs. Innovatively managing the spaces and usage of water, embracing technology is the need of the hour.’, Kalpana Ramesh, interior architect and water conservationists, one of the panelists in the seminar said.

Source: http://www.businessindiafocus.com/news-2