Hotels are now turning to be full-scale gyms and wellness centers

Hyderabad :Hotels are for the stay, but, their traditional role and conventional stay is changing. They are turning to be full-scale gyms and wellness centers. ‘Vacation” is becoming “Staycation.”

On vacation, you go to the places and also stay. But, in the staycation, you will stay indoors. The hot technology is changing the hotel stay. Some latest and best technologies are making hotel stay feel just like home. The new and unthinkable amenities are provided to engage guests indoors. The new trend now catching up in the hospitality industry is “Stay Well Rooms” or “Wellness Rooms.” Be well and stay well is the new buzz word in the hospitality sector. Wellness is just not fighting illness. It is becoming an integral part of our daily lives. People today have become conscious of their health and are taking to healthy living as their way of life.

And with an increase in travel and stay at hotels, it is but natural that hotels to offer healthy choices. Hotels are turning into full-scale gyms and wellness centers to attract travelers who want to stay fit, says C. S. Manoj, an industry insider. Vitamin C Shower therapy, to air purification, to natural mattresses, to healthy lighting, to the allergy friendly environment, hotels are offering a complete Wellness Room experience unlike before to renew, recuperate, recharge, refresh and rejuvenate you adds P. Sravan Kumar, a city based Hotel Consultant.

It is quite impossible to think of a life without technologies and gadgets. People are becoming mechanical as they are getting more dependent on gadgets. Nowadays, human beings cannot do a simple work without taking help of a device. The more and more people glued to their devices, gadgets, gizmos, communication devices, and technology, the more they want to escape from them. With these technological tools and latest communication channels around life has become very hectic.

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