Vita-Fresh® Shower Filter
enriches your refreshing shower
with Vitamin C and removes
Chlorine & Chloramine, giving you

glowing skin
& gorgeous hair

Each Vita-Fresh® Shower Cartridge
is filled with the goodness of
250 oranges Food Grade Vitamin C
is the safest agent for dechlorination

Helps to curb Asthma
Helps with Dry Skin and Eczema
Helps improve Dry & lifeless hair
Works with existing shower fittings
No reduction in water pressure

Taking a refreshing shower washes away your daily fatigue. Sometimes, though, your body needs more! Dry hair & itchiness caused by dry skin after a shower due to residual chlorine in tap water! It is like taking a shower with pool water! Vita-Fresh shower filter enables you to take a refreshing shower for your mind and body!

Easy to install

Easy to replace catridges

Take it anywhere

The transparent housing of the filter
cartridge makes it easy to know when to
change it.

The simple & clean design also allows
you to see the filter working

A cartridge lasts
between1-3 months
based on your
usage, water quality,
and pressure settings